Restoration Complete at Landmarked Cass Gilbert

With a meticulous year-long restoration effort now nearly complete, sales are officially underway at the landmarked commercial building at 130 West 30th Street that is being converted to spacious loft-style condominium homes and named after the famous American architect that designed the distinctive Chelsea structure in 1927.

The 20-story building, which was registered in November 2001 as a New York City landmark, is offering 45 newly-built, fully finished condominium residences. The property was recently designated \”The Cass Gilbert Building,\” with the approval of Gilbert\’s grandson and representatives of the Cass Gilbert Society, formed to perpetuate the legacy of the architect whose contributions to American architecture include the Woolworth Building, the New York Life Building and Foley Square Courthouse.

Developer Henry Justin, principal of HJ Development Corporation, said that he and his team worked hand in hand with the Landmarks Preservation Commission and Department of City Planning in pursuit of the conversion \”to achieve something meaningful for the building that would preserve the unique heritage of this landmark for generations to come.\”

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