“Extensive research and discussion representing the pursuit of painting at its highest levels my collection is an assurance that serious, heartfelt painting steeped in the tradition of earlier generations is available to each and every one of us.”–   Henry Justin

The above typifies the driving philosophy behind what we do each and every day at HJ Development.

As an avid art collector and President of the Center for Figurative Painting, Henry Justin always had an appreciation for art. It was not until his foray into high-end residential real estate in 2000 that he was able to apply his expertise in the arts into his other passion – Real Estate.

Over 25 years of commercial real estate experience have given Henry Justin an understanding of real estate’s physical attributes. Being involved in the build-out of thousands of commercial office spaces was “nursery school” as Henry would say compared to the detail and finesse that was required by the residential home buyer. Henry Justin quickly learned that the canvas of the home cannot have blemishes, for then the art that was applied by the home buyer would not stick. That was the devotion that has carried Henry Justin and his real estate company through the years.

Like art, the works in this collection or real estate portfolio represents a coherent, compelling account of the good that comes out of pouring ones soul into your work and the resulted outcome.

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