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Built: 1929

Redesigned By H Justin: 2003

Stories: 20

Residential Units: 45

Commercial Units: 2

Residential Square Feet: 93,000

Commercial Square Feet: 19,000

Architect: CMA Design Studio

Designer: Shamir Shah Design


Cass Gilbert (1859-1934) was one of the city’s most important architects in the early 20th Century and his legacy is highlighted by the Woolworth Building fronting on City Hall Park, which for many years was the city’s tallest and remains one of its most famous and popular skyscrapers.

This building was designed by Mr. Gilbert and is named after him. It is considerably less flamboyant and visible than the Woolworth Building, which was erected in 1913. This building was completed in 1927, when architectural styles changed from neo-Gothic to Art Deco, and it served as a commercial building until its renovation and conversion to condominium apartments in 2003.

While most of Gilbert’s famous buildings, which also include the New York Life Building at Madison Square Park and the Federal Courthouse at Foley Square and the United States Custom House at the foot of Broadway, are quite decorative, classical and very elegant, this structure is surprisingly spartan yet quite monumental. It has several setbacks and the central portion of its façade has decorative spandrels and thin bronze piers separating the multi-paned windows. The façade has rather exotic two-tone terracotta panels and friezes depicting Assyrian winged horses, roaring lions and racing chariots that were executed by the same company that worked with the architect on the Woolworth Building.
The 20-story building is registered as a national historic landmark and has 45 condominiums. It was designated as “The Cass Gilbert Condominium” with the approval of the architect’s grandson and representatives of the Cass Gilbert Society that was formed to perpetuate the legacy of the architect whose other important New York City buildings include the New York Life Building at Madison Square Park and the Foley Square Courthouse.

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